Stocking Filler Gift Ideas

Stocking fillers and Small Gift Ideas | Stationery Gift Guide 2023

Warm up to Christmas for 2023 with our stocking fillers, secret santa gifts and smaller gift ideas to add to your gifting bundles.

Perhaps you're on the lookout with trinkets and treasures to add on to their main gift, or you picked a name for secret Santa that you’re stuck with. We’re here to help you find that perfect small gift, no matter the budget. You can’t go wrong with our card activities and prompts, fun and quirky stationery tools or gift sets. With these presents, we're pretty certain that you'll nail your reputation as the best gift-giver amongst your colleagues and friends. 

Stocking filler gifts for big thinkers

These stocking fillers are for those on their wellness journeys, that love to dive deep into their thoughts and self improve. We've picked out sets that make a nice gesture to show you care for their passions and self growth.

 Mindful Affirmations

£28.00 | Shop now

 Know Yourself Prompts 

 £12.25 | Shop now

 Support Deck

£24.00 | Shop now

Stocking filler gifts for her

Take a pick from our edit of secret Santa and stocking filler gifts ideas for women.

Mechanical Pencil

 Star Sign Book

£8.99 | Shop now

 Notebook Band 

 £7.50 | Shop now

Pocket Notebook 

£4.50 | Shop now

Stocking filler gifts for him

Looking for secret Santa and stocking filler gifts ideas for guys? Here are our favourites from our gifting collection.

Opinionated Guide to East London

 £9.95 | Shop now

Leather Pen Pouch Case

£19.00 | Shop now

 Four Functions Pen

£20.00 | Shop now

Stocking filler gifts for students

Help them achieve their study goals with these stationery picks. Make going back to uni after the holidays something to look forward to.

Magnetic Notes

£5.95 | Shop now

Juno Sticky Notes

£3.00 | Shop now

 Rama Eye Clip

£5.49 | Shop now


Trendy stocking filler gifts

We've worked out what's trending so you don't have to. These ones are for that cool friend or niece that you want to impress.

Lobster Address Book

£16.50 | Shop now

Corduroy Pouch

£35.00 | Shop now

 Lola Desk Tray

£18.00 | Shop now


Unique stocking filler gifts

Something bright and bold always lifts a smile on someone's face. We love gifts that brighten the room like a warm fire on a winter’s day. These gifts are cracking.

 To-Do List Check Notebook

£4.50 | Shop now

 Washi Tape Set

£10.00 | Shop now

Worm Washi Tape 

£7.00 | Shop now

Cute stocking filler gifts

These will make the receiver squeal with excitement. You can’t go wrong with something with a cute face looking up at the opener—a guaranteed win.

Ghost Dispenser
Panda Clips

  Tape Dispenser

£7.50 | Shop now

 Panda Paperclips

£7.00 | Shop now

 Camera Cover

£3.00 | Shop now


Practical and useful stocking filler gifts

A gift that they'll never forget is one that they’ll continue to use. It’s practical and just makes sense. What can go wrong?





Notebook Clip



2024 Diary


 Notebook Band

£5.50 | Shop now

  Notebook Clip

£4.95 | Shop now 

 Pocket Diary 

£9.00 | Shop now

Small Lime Mesh pouch

 Mesh Pouch

£6.00 | Shop now

Fabric Bookmarks

£8.00 | Shop now

 Primo Pen

£12.00 | Shop now

Stylish and sophisticated stocking fillers

If your gift is for someone with style, then these are our top designs for gifting, made with high-quality materials in a minimalist fashion.

Notebook Band
Mesh Pencil Case

 Notebook Band

£6.00 | Shop now

 Mesh Pencil Case 

£6.50 | Shop now

Pocket Mechanical Pencil

£6.50 | Shop now


Fault proof secret Santa gifts for everyone

Something that anyone would like? These are our must-have gifts that anyone would be happy to receive.

Notebook Clip for Pen Task List Notebook Aqua Pen

Notebook Clip 

£5.49 | Shop now

 To-Do List 

£6.00 | Shop now

 Ballpoint Pen

£8.00 | Shop now


 Set of Art Pens

£30 | Shop now

 Everyday Pen Set

£35 | Shop now

 Pocket Diary

£28.00 | Shop now

Best stocking filler ideas for under £5

If your budget is low, don't substitute taste. When don't want to get the ‘same old’ gifts, these are great options for gifting only the best, even when spending less.

 Magnetic Notes

£4.95 | Shop now

Sign Pens 

£2.25 each | Shop now

 Funky Ballpoint Pen 

£4.00 | Shop now


Shop the full range of Papersmiths stocking filler gifts here.

Shop the full range of Papersmiths secret Santa gifts here.

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