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As the sun sets earlier, we reach for our coats from the back of our wardrobes and find ourselves drawn to cosier colours. Our eyes draw to autumnal aesthetics of crimson berries, leafy auburn and nature's gift of dusk skies. They help us feel a little warmer about the imminent chilly months ahead. A great use of this fuzzy feeling these colours bring, is to induce these positive emotions when decorating your desk space.

We noticed that you are all favouring particular hues, so we've put together edits of those autumn palettes. Let's conquer autumn blues and induce productivity with these cosy feel-good colours: 

Winter Forest

Beige Stationery 

Shop from top left to bottom right:  A. Washi TapeB. 2023 Flip Calendar C. Nela NotebookD. Classic Line 849 PenE. 2022 - 2023 Mid Year DiaryF. Le Pen Art PenG. Get Sh*t Done Notebook,  H. Washi StampsI. Magic EraserJ. Notebook Pen ClipK. Midori Pencil Case.

Leafy Greens

 Green Stationery Set


Shop from top left to bottom right:  A. Mesh Pencil Case, B. Stone Paper Notebook A5C. Mesh Pencil Case GreenD. Everyday Pen Olive, E. Artline 200 Pen, F. Clissold Notebook Gift Set, G. Perkeo Fountain Pen - Jungle Green, H. 2023 Nahe Diary,  I. Gratitude Journal, J. 2023 Alva Annual Journal - Green, K. Kaweco Collection Fountain Pen - Olive.

Pumpkin patch


Red and Orange Stationery

Shop from top left to bottom right:  A. Red Mesh Pencil Case, B. A5 Notebook Band - Dark Red, C. The Completist Undated Daily Planner, D. Pentel Brush Sign Pen, E. The Completist Undated Daily Planner, F. A4 Notebook Band - Mandarin, G. Washi Tape - Orange, H. 2023 Diary - Pierre,  I. Le Pen Art Pen, J. Morello Stationery Set, K. Hexagon Eraser, L. Triangular Ruler, M. Missoni X Moleskine Notebook.

 Evening walks

navy notebooks and pens

Shop from top left to bottom right:  A. The Completist Weekly 2023 Planner B. Nahe 2023 DiaryC. Le Pen Art Pen, D. Pentel Brush Sign Pen, E. Mesh Pouch with Gusset, F. Write On Tote, G. Moleskine 2022 - 2023 Diary, H. A5 Notebook Bands,  I. Azurite Notebook Gift Set, J. Everyday Pen - Electric Blue.


Berry picking

Pink Stationery

Shop from top left to bottom right:  A. A6 Notebook Band - Pink, B. Hexagon Eraser, C. Le Pen Art Pen, D. Twin Tone Pen, E. Everyday Pen - Rose, F. Fuchsia Notebook Gift Set, G. 2022 - 2023 Colors Diary Purple A5, H. Midori Pencil Case - Pink,  I. The Completist Notebook, J. Washi Tape - Pink, K. Mesh Pen Case - Pink, L. A4 Notebook Band - Purple.


Autumn sun

Light Yellow Stationery

Shop from top left to bottom right:  A. 2023 Diary - Brigitte, B. Everyday Pen - BananaC. Sun Sticky NoteD. Get Sh*t Done Notebook, E. Yolk Notebook Gift Set, F. Hexagon Eraser, G. A5 Notebook Band - Sunshine Yellow, H. The Completist Weekly Undated Planner,  I. Le Pen Art Pen, J. 2023 Alva Annual Journal - Orchid, K. Triangular Ruler, L. 2023 Diary Nahe Square - Gold.

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