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For this week's Weekend Reading we are going to make Christmas shopping for the men in your life very simple. Here it is - the Papersmiths gift guide to books for men. For starters, we have On Beer And Food, the ultimate gourmet guide to pairing cuisine and craft beer. Secondly we suggest Crafted Meat for an incredibly descriptive insight into the world of butchery and meat preparation. It will ignite a passion for meats from around the world. Next I am Dandy: The Return of the Elegant Gentleman makes a reappearance on our shelves. This was a bestseller last Christmas and it encourages the modern man to embrace their individual style, rather than follow changing fashions. Lastly new release Fantastic Man is an eclectic chronicle of some fine examples of exemplary men, all with a tale to tell. There really is something for every man within our pick of masculine titles.

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