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Posted by Rachel Brown on

Papersmiths' founders Sidonie and Kyle are getting excited about their trip to New York this summer and accordingly this week's Pick Me features all things USA. From letterpressed greetings cards all the way from Bench Pressed in Minnesota (thanks for the burger tips Jane and Andy!) to the '38 Hours in New York' city guide and this mouth-watering diner map, they don't even have to leave the shop to plan their holiday. We've also got the latest map from Herb Lester - this one's about what to do when you're on your tod in New York, but quite frankly it's got such great suggestions that we're taking it with us anyway! 


1. New York Diner Map, £6

2. 38 Hours in New York City, £9

3. Sheep Milk Chocolate, £6.50

4. Letterpressed Card, £3.50

5. Manhattan City Map, £4

6. New York City Map, £4


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