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“Failure scares us as much as it fascinates us.”

Fashion is a notoriously difficult industry to dissect. We live in an age where blue and green can most certainly be seen - that is, the once questionable trends of yesterseason are constantly being revisited with nostalgic abandon, and experimentation is applauded. Yet in the business of fashion, creativity often makes way for commerce, corporations, and profit.

Vestoj’s critical, satirical stance aims to expose fashion’s inner workings through a combination of essays, fiction, poetry and photo stories. What we particularly love about Vestoj No.6 is a complete embrace of it’s theme, Failure, through brilliantly subtle design details - from the cover’s blush pink cheekily alluding to The Emperor’s New Clothes to the sporadic use of empty text columns, unzipping the pages. Word and image lay bare the positives that can be drawn from our mistakes, resulting in a cleverly crafted, elegant and poignant publication.

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