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This week’s Pick Me is curated by Becks, coinciding with her arrival to Papersmiths as our new Store Manager! Her hand picked selection celebrates the wit and craftsmanship of contemporary design, with items from two of our favourite design houses, Danish innovators Hay, and Mast Brothers hailing from New York. Becks’ love of printed matter means she is constantly on the look out for the latest forays into independent publishing. Her first recommendation to adorn the Papersmiths shelves is Dirty Furniture, an irreverent magazine where each issue focuses on a key piece of furniture, takes it outside of the showroom and explores its real life relationship with people, places and politics. With contributions from both established and emerging design writers, this publication uncovers the stories and anecdotes behind some of our most iconic design.  The retro elegance of the gradient film-inspired colour palettes, sleek mechanical pencils and the gorgeous copper Liliput fountain pen complete Becks’ Pick Me collection.

1. Plain Dot Deco Sticker, £3.00

2. Le Typographe Mechanical Pencil, £6.00

3. Paperways Palette Label Stickers, £6.00

4. Mast Brothers Almond Chocolate, £7.00

5. Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen in Copper, £80.00

6. Hay Matches in Grey, £3.00

7. Penco Timber Mechanical Pencil, £10.95

8. Dirty Furniture Magazine, Issue 2 - Table, £11.00

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